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Our large blast furnaces have high air temperature key technology breakthrough


A few days ago, in 2015 China's iron and Steel Industry Association, the Chinese Metal Institute of Metallurgical Science and technology award professional review recommended award winning projects for publicity. In the first prize of the 12 projects, the key technology research and application of ultra large blast furnace high wind temperature, the project is ranked first.

By the Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Shougang Jingtang Iron and steel joint limited liability company, Zhengzhou annec Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing University of science and technology to complete this project show that important new results is obtained in research and application of key technologies for EHV large blast furnace high blast temperature, iron and steel industry high blast temperature of blast furnace technology and the great progress.

In this regard, as an addition to the outside of the iron and steel enterprises, as the number of hot blast stove integrated service enterprise R & D on behalf of the, Zhengzhou annec Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman Li Fuchao introduced in an interview, the result is identified as a leading international level, won the first prize of science and technology progress prize in Henan Province; and after the trial and field defense, is now officially named 2015 Metallurgical Science and technology award. He thinks, at present our country blast furnace hot blast furnace technology has been developed rapidly. As long engaged in hot blast stove technology and related products R & D units and their research and development of the fourth generation of new top combustion hot blast stove is concerned by the iron and steel industry, and achieved good operating results.

Innovative design makes Gao Fengwen more economical

Hot blast furnace is an important auxiliary equipment of blast furnace, it can provide the level of wind temperature and service life directly affect the technical indicators and economic benefits of blast furnace. In order to meet the "new normal" in the iron and steel industry, the field of hot blast stove must uphold the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, and speed up the development and application of advanced technology. Zhengzhou annec Industrial Co., Ltd. combined with the characteristics of industrial policy, integrate domestic and foreign resources, to 2013 years developed a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection effect better and wholly owned independent intellectual property rights of the fourth generation of new top combustion hot blast stove, break the long-term has been foreign enterprises monopolized by hot blast stove technical barriers, for iron and steel industry energy-saving emission reduction and increase down the play a positive role.

It is understood that the fourth generation of new type of top gas stove is in the summary of the research and analysis of other types of hot air stove, based on the new development of a more advanced top of the hot blast stove. The new type hot blast stove mainly adopts three stage independent structure, the conical column composite type burner, the 37 hole small aperture high efficient grid brick and other core technology. The new type hot air stove has 5 core features of "three low one high and one long", i.e., low investment, low operation, low maintenance, high wind temperature, long life.

So, the new type of hot air stove is how to achieve the goal of high wind temperature and more economical?

Li Fuchao said that this new type of burner of hot blast stove column cone composite type structure, the air and gas swirling space and plane trickle key technology of high-speed jet, good mixing effect of the air and gas, excess air coefficient, in the dome forming a short flame, combustion is more complete, airflow in checker brick surface and uniform distribution of narrowing the center zone of negative pressure, checker brick efficiency improved significantly, is conducive to the environmental protection and energy saving and reduce operating costs.

Due to the adoption of high power short flame burner and 37 hole small aperture, checker brick, thermal efficiency is to make full use of, the hot air furnace height below other types of top combustion hot blast stove, can significantly reduce the cost of investment, is a has a broad application prospect in the new and old hot stove transformation in the new top combustion type hot air furnace.

Interlocking masonry diversion in the precision of the structure design, the fourth generation of new top combustion hot blast stove adopts the mixed burner chamber is easy to purge anti explosion without displacement structure, recirculation zone rectification technology, mutual locking type combustion chamber structure, multi channeling air export structure, no stress orifice structure, checker brick edge brick positioning embedded technology, "Z" - shaped self-locking closed pipeline structure, "combination of bricks and pouring three fork structure, composite type furnace grate structure, cold air distribution technology, hot air pipeline expansion and tensioning device, preventing intergranular stress corrosion measures, at the bottom of the furnace shell and radius circular arc connection, hot blast stove symmetric arrangement, such as dozens of patents and proprietary technology. According to reports, the 4th generation of new top combustion hot blast stove due to innovative design based on the full study on the basis, the hot air furnace height reduction, raising the temperature of the vault and the hole 37 small aperture, checker brick, than at home and abroad with type hot air furnace and reduce the investment of 5% - 10%; in the air and gas temperature and gas heat value of hot blast stove energy medium index phase at the same time, the fourth generation of new top burning hot blast stove dome temperature higher, can improve the 20 Celsius degrees to 30 degrees Celsius in air temperature.

In this regard, the Chinese Academy of metal Wang Weixing iron expert to give a positive evaluation. He believes that the new hot blast stove due to the improvement of the structure of the furnace body, air and gas mixed evenly, high combustion efficiency, saving gas, high blast temperature, gas utilization rate increased, relative to the amount of air that reduced, power system consumption reduced, the new hot blast stove in relating to iron and steel enterprises successful operation practice has fully proved the this point.

Economic downturn to do a better job of technological innovation

Li Fuchao said, get high blast temperature in addition to seek a breakthrough in the hot blast stove, extend the hot blast furnace life, improve the scientific allocation of refractory material and improve refractory quality as well as a breakthrough point, do a good job of internal equipment upgrading and management innovation equally important. The steel situation continued downward, of annec, this is a challenge, but also opportunities. Li Fuchao thinks, at present, domestic refractories manufacturing enterprise equipment level is not high, per capita production efficiency is low, enterprises with foreign advanced level of equipment and management level there is a gap, annec in this area also need to learn and improve, the next two years, enterprises should invested more than 2000 million yuan to carry out technological transformation and equipment upgrades. One is to do a good job in the overall production system energy saving and environmental protection, to continue to maintain the advanced level of the leading peer. Two is to do a good job in the automation and upgrading, and to the intelligent development, to further improve the production efficiency and stability of product quality.

Enterprises to achieve long-term development, not instant success, we must attach importance to basic research. Li Fuchao combined with the actual development of enterprise, and argues that the enterprise should really become the main body of the innovation and key to realize the "three combination", namely, research and development of technology and products to and users of production and demand closely, and users are in urgent need of solving the problem of closely, closely integrated with the direction of the development of the industry. In this way, the enterprise can effectively improve the rate of the transformation of technological achievements, such as the recent development and application of the fourth generation of new top combustion hot stove is through "three low and one high and one long" the technical characteristics, both to help iron and steel enterprises obtain high blast temperature, and reduce the consumption of gas and power consumption, truly the economic benefit and social benefit and eat it.

To this end, Zhengzhou annec Industrial Co., focusing on the implementation of the development strategy of "innovation, brand, efficiency, service". Li Fuchao said that innovation is the way out, is the only way for the development of enterprises; and the brand is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, the outstanding performance and case to reflect the enterprise value; the work efficiency is mainly through the innovation and transformation, continuously improve the efficiency and benefit; service is to timely understand and master the user's mind and need to solve the problem, do active service, effective service and value-added services.

Rely on continuous innovation to achieve sustainable development

To solve the problem for the iron and steel enterprises, and not simply sell their products; to accelerate the by product supplier to hot blast stove integrated technology services business change, this is Li Fuchao positioning for the future development of the enterprise. And all this, rely on is continuous innovation.

It is based on continuous optimization system based on the research and integrated innovation, and and practice closely, and continued the precision design, Zhengzhou annec Industrial Co., Ltd. create more energy saving and environmental protection and wholly owned independent intellectual property rights of the new top combustion hot blast stove. Is to rely on continuous innovation to realize the sustainable development, they from the original main production of high quality refractory materials, and now further development to the development and application of hot blast stove integrated technology, innovation, transformation and upgrading of the road on the walk in the front of the industry. Wang Weixing believes that the main characteristics and advantages of the enterprise is a series of core technology. Full basic research and mechanism research, improve the technology and quality assurance system, innovative design ideas, etc., has become a strong support for the rapid development of the enterprise, sustainable development.

It is understood, the company has accumulated rich experience in hot blast furnace with the configuration and design of refractory materials, and led the drafting developed a number of refractory material industry standards, including "top burning stove refractory material design and standards" project won the two prize of scientific and technological achievements in Henan province; "hot stove ceramic the burner with high thermal shock resistance, high R.U.L bricks development and application" won the two prize of science and technology achievements in Henan Province, "the development and application of top combustion type hot blast furnace refractory material" configuration and the AH series red brick column won the two prize of science and technology achievements in Henan Province, development and application of "AH" series of high thermal shock resistance of special red brick column won the two prize of science and technology achievements in Henan province; "siliceous honeycomb lattice brick" was identified as "brand-name products in Henan province".

Energy saving, reducing consumption, environmental protection, eliminating backward production capacity, has become the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of China's iron and steel industry. In this regard, Li Fuzhao full of confidence. He believes that in the field of ironmaking, backward technology of internal combustion type hot air furnace and high energy consumption, short life of the ball type blast furnace are in urgent need of reform. The fourth generation of new top combustion hot blast stove is new and other reformation of furnace type of ideal furnace can be said that has independent intellectual property rights of our country, the fourth generation of new top combustion blast furnace of continuous application, to completely break for a long time is the monopoly of foreign enterprises of hot blast stove market, both for the country to save foreign exchange, and for customers to create considerable economic benefits. In the field of blast furnace, the high wind temperature can be obtained at the same time, it can be more economical, more energy saving and more environmentally friendly.

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